We struck gold!

Fisheries officers Laura Bullock and Sam Chapman from the Environment Agency carried out a sample netting of Taskers today to see how the Crucians and Tench were doing. Water levels have returned to near normal and Sam struggled to cross the pond with the depth at 5 foot plus in places.

The INTREPID Sam Chapman crossing Taskers

The INTREPID Sam Chapman crossing Taskers

After two fruitless passes their persistence paid off with a third run behind the islands and around 20 golden fry proving that the Crucians bred last summer.

Crucian fry

Crucian fry

Crucial Crucian's

Our new Stillwater development 'Taskers' took a big step forward today with the initial stocking of Crucian Carp. Around 200 purebred pasty sized beauties were supplied by the Environment Agency fish farm at Calverton. These will hopefully flourish and provide some great sport in time for the new coarse season in June 2018. 


Quality, purebred Crucian Carp


Crock of gold


In they go!