Tench join the Crucians at Taskers

The Environment Agency supplied 110 1+ Tench last week as they continued their efforts to support the club as it recovers from the 2016 Leadon pollution event. Developing an alternative fishery has been a major focus so that we can broaden the clubs appeal and provide quality Stillwater and River fishing in Gloucestershire.

The tench are normally a slow growing species but some of this 18 month old sample weighed in at 8oz which is a great start.

Taskers is coming along nicely as a fishery despite struggling throughout this years drought. Amazingly the original stock of Crucians appear to have survived thanks to Farmer Tim digging out a couple of refuge areas. They also bred this year and the EA are planning to sample the pond in January to see how the fish are developing. I’ll email dates but get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

To help to maintain future levels Tim has installed a 150 foot borehole that will be linked to a solar pump. This will enable us to top up levels whilst the pond is still establishing.

Sadly most of the plantings we completed in the spring appear to have failed due to the drought conditions. We plan to revisit the planting once the levels have stabilised.