The "Monster"

The 4 lbs Hen fish from Durbridge 3 March 2003

This is the legendary Brown Trout caught in 2003 by Richard Mander our hardworking secretary. Details of the catch are a bit vague and some members have suggested rather unkindly that the fish was caught on float fished cheese!

The fish came from the Durbridge Mill stretch in the bend swim just above the stone bridge. Sportingly it was returned alive and if still alive probably weighs close to the reported 4 lbs capture weight.

The debate has raged on about how much it weighed but you can get a good sense of just how big this fish was by the size of the net next to it. (Independent checks measured the width of the net at 24 inches)

Richard recalls: “I remember I had just bought my first digital camera that morning which was lucky. The slight blurring was caused by some water on the lens when I dropped the camera in the excitement. It was march so I must have been coarse fishing but I have been surprised at the somewhat sceptical reaction of some members which I have to put down to jealousy.”